By Dr. Michael E. Todd

By all means Christians should have grace and love and try to be helpful to others. However, there is much more happening today that goes contrary to the word of God. It is a shame that some of these things have to be mentioned, but there is a great need to get back to the "Old paths" of our forefathers and the word of God. The Bible says that all things should be done "decently and in order" and "lawfully." As missionaries we see much happening in Christian circles that should not be. May we all take a stand and do what the Lord would have us do, that Christ may be glorified.

Dictionary definition of tolerance = "The capacity for or practice of allowing the beliefs or behavior of others. Leeway for variation from a standard. The permissible deviation from a specified value."


Religious Pharisees (those who say they believe the Bible but in practice do not); Compromise (going along with the crowd even though it might be wrong); Milksop Christians; Wimpy men; Laodicean attitudes; Ecumenical claptrap; Tradition that contradicts the Bible; The "love" gospel; Name it and claim it Christianity (the attitude that Christians should be rich); Where people worship CCM instead of God; Easy believism (raise your hand and your saved); Modern apostate versions; Booze in the Lord's Supper (This is getting more and more prevalent in Baptist circles); Tolerating the enemies of the gospel and the church; Unethical practices among Christians (Splitting churches; lying and gossiping about others; not practicing Matthew 18 in dealing with a brother; allowing fornication in the church - "boys will be boys you know and girls will be girls"; and missionaries illegally smuggling items from one country to another.

"Should police be tolerant of crime,
Doctors tolerant of disease,
Judges of false testimony, etc.?
Yet a tolerance is mandated in spiritual matters
which in any other context would be lunacy:."

(Dave Hunt, 5/00 The Berean Call)


The 9/01 Vanguard posed this question: "Have we, unknowingly, actually arrived at a position where music has replaced faith as the means by which we appropriate God's blessings and where the 'worship leader' rather than the evangelist is responsible for bringing people to God?" Churches are being filled with concert goers rather than congregations, and the music teams are becoming performers rather than pastors-and often having more public presence and time with congregation members than does the pastor.

Compromise is the great wickedness
of the present day church.

Thank God for the many Bible Believing Baptist
Churches and pastors that love God and still
stand true to the word of God.