Will You Be There?
Grace Glenn   S.H. Rosecrans

In glory's golden dawning when all who sleep shall rise,
To pass the pearly portals that shut us from the skies;
And when with throngs unnumbered, I walk the golden street,
To him who died to save us, Shall we in glory meet?

When ransomed saints shall gather around the great white throne,
To praise our Heavenly Father, with joy before unknown;
And when with snow-white garments, above the jasper sea,
They float on wings of angels; will you be there with me?

When I my crown of victory, my tuneful harp shall take,
And first with untaught fingers its harmonies shall wake, -
When first my voice in Heaven shall sing God's praises, free
From tones of earthly sorrows, Oh! Will you sing with me?

Copyright, 1887, by A.J. Showalter & Co.