He Tenderly Looked at Me
F.F. Dawdy

When Jesus alone was standing,
By all His friends forgot,
And Peter, near by, denying,
Saying, "I know Him not,"
'Twas then he saw the Saviour
Look at him tenderly;
And then, rememb'ring the saying,
Went and wept bitterly.

When drifting away in darkness,
Lost in the blackest night,
Out on the sea of sorrow,
Far from the blessed light,
I heard a sweet voice calling,
Calling from o'er the sea,
And then I saw my Saviour,
Tenderly look at me.

They took my blessed Saviour
Out to the mountain side,
And nailed Him there to the cross-tree,
Jesus, the Crucified.
And when I saw my Saviour,
Dying on Calvary,
He drew me graciously to Him,
By His kind look at me.


He tenderly looked at me,
He tenderly looked at me,
He drew me graciously to Him,
When He tenderly looked at me.

Copyright, 1908, By F.F. Dawdy