Tell Somebody

Lizzie DeArmond             B. D. Ackley

Are you trusting the love of the Saviour divine,
Does His smile make the darkest day bright?
Are you laying on Him all the burdens that fret,
Does the cross that He gave you seem light?

Are you resting today 'neath the sheltering Rock,
Have you given your Lord full control?
Are you gladly in the love that redeemed you from sin,
Has He spoken His peace to your soul?

Is there victory now where there once was defeat,
Blessed triumph through Jesus alone?
Tell somebody today of a Master and Friend,
And His wonderful mercy make known.


Tell somebody, tell somebody,
All of the wonderful love you know;
Tell somebody, tell somebody,
Christ and His goodness show.

Copyright, 1915, By B. D. Ackley.