Let Us Stand for Jesus

Words arranged by S.           Ira D. Sankey

Let us stand up for Jesus; let us stand in His might;
Let us gird on the armor and be first in the fight;
Let us trust in His promise, let His strength make us strong,
And the dear name of Jesus be our watchword and song.

Let us stand up for Jesus, let us honor His laws,
Let us watch, and be faithful to His kingdom and cause;
Let us tell the glad story of His mercy and love,
As we march ever onward to the City above.

Let us stand up for Jesus till the conflict is past,
And at home with the ransomed we are gathered at last;
Let us follow His banner till our trophies we bring
To the feet of our Saviour, our Redeemer and King.


Let us stand, firmly stand, with a heart true and brave;
Let us stand up for Jesus, who is mighty to save.

Copyright, 1896, by The Biglow & Main Co.