Some Day We're Going Home

Rev. Rupert Cravens

Be brave and strong, ye saints of God, the morning soon will dawn;
When we shall reach that city fair to which we're traveling on;
The angel bands are beckoning us beneath the shining dome,
Their glory shall be ours to share, some day we're going home.

We'll have a glorious day at home, when toils of earth shall cease;
There we shall see our Saviour, King who came and gave release;
We're looking now for His return and soon the day will come,
Oh, hallelujah to the Lamb, some day we're going home.

There we shall revel in the light around the throne of God;
And sing His happy praise with saints who in this way have trod,
We'll be with loved ones once again no more from them to roam.
Our earnest prayers will answered be, some day we're going home.


We're going home, oh, praise the Lord, the portals are in view,
We'll soon put off this earthly shroud and there put on the new;
We'll see our Saviour face to face, and never from him roam,
We're looking now for His return, some day we're going home.

Copyright, 1944, Tennessee Music & Printing Co., in "Songs Forever."