Singing on the Way
M.E. Servoss J.R. Sweeney

We will sweetly sing on the golden shore,
Where all is joy and gladness;
Forevermore with Christ we'll reign,
Released from care and sadness.

We are sure our Father knows all our need,
Each heartache, pain and sorrow;
So in His hands we'l leave it all,
And trust Him for the morrow.

We will sing of Jesus, our Saviour-King,
Whose wondrous love is o'er us;
Who guides our footsteps, lest they stray,
And makes all plain before us.

We will sing of heaven, our home above,
With al lits joy and glory;
And to the world, where'er we go,
We'll tell salvation's story.


Then along the way, the Lord's highway,
With voices clear and ringing,
We'll shout hosanna as we go,
And enter Zion singing.

From "Crowning Triumph" by permission