Thou Art My Rock

Mrs. C.E. Breck             George C. Stebbins

Thou art my Rock, O blessed Redeemer,
Thou art my Refuge where I may hide;
Thou art my Rock to shelter and bless me;
Ever in Thee, I safely abide.

Thou art my Rock when sin is inviting,
Thou art my Rock when trial is near;
Thou art my Rock when sorrow is smiting,
Thou art my Rock; why should I fear?

Thou art my Rock, temptations defying,
Thou art my Friend unchanging and sure;
Wholly on Thee my soul is relying,
Ever to keep me faithful and pure.

Thou art my Rock; when kingdom and nation,
Ruler and crown, have crumbled to dust,
Thou shalt remain my Rock of salvation,
Rock everlasting; Thee will I trust.


Thou art my Rock (Thou art my Rock),
O blessed Redeemer (blessed Redeemer),
Thou art my Friend (Thou art my Friend),
And Thou art my Guide (Thou art my Guide);

Thou art my Hope (Thou art my Hope),
And Thou art my Saviour (Thou art my Saviour),
Thou art my Trust (Thou art my Trust);
In Thee will I hide (In Thee will I hide).

Copyright, 1896, by The Biglow & Main Co.