The Old Altar Rail

Cecil Truesdell             V.B. (Vep) Ellis

Some people won't pray at the altar today,
They say it's the old-fashioned crowd,
The scum of the earth, who seek the new birth that way,
But thank God, I am proud.

I can't understand why some folk will demand
Christ's blood be left out of our creed;
That blood paid the cost of all who are lost,
And its flow is all that we need.

I think of that night lost and tired of my plight,
I knelt at the bench in the straw;
I parted with sin, the Spirit came in,
The beauties of heaven I saw.


All my past I came confessing,
When I hit the sawdust trail;
And heaven gave to me a blessing you see,
There at the old altar rail.

Copyright, 1944, By Tennessee Music & Printing, Co., in "Songs Forever."