Let Us Sing Again

Lyman G. Cuyler             Rian A. Dykes

(Claims have been made that both these names are aliases of Fanny Crosby.
I have not yet been able to substantiate this.)

Let us sing again the praise of the Saviour,
How He died that we might know the Father's love;
Let us tell to all the world His compassion,
How He ever lives to plead for us above.

Let us praise Him for the words full of comfort,
That He left for us recorded long ago;
He is near to every one that believeth,
And His mercy to the faithful He will show.

Let us praise Him for the soul-cheering promise,
Of the mansions that our eyes shall yet behold;
When we gather with the blest, in His kingdom,
Where the riches of His grace can ne'er be told.


Let us tell (let us tell) the wondrous story,
How He died (how He died) upon the tree;
Unto Him be all the praise, and the glory;
He hath suffered that from sin we might we free (we might be free).

Copyright, 1896, by The Biglow & Main Co.