Jesus Is Coming Again
Mrs. Grady L. Hurst

In the Bible we read of the Saviour of light,
Who came to the earth and dwelt among men;
Now He's living in Heaven that city so bright,
And soon He is coming again.

When the angel shall call and the trumpet shall sound,
The dead in the Lord shall rise on that day;
Then the translated saints shall be leaving the ground,
By Him to be carried away.

To the great marriage supper with Jesus we'll go,
To dine with Him there and live in His grace;
While our happiest praises forever shall flow,
We'll look on His wonderful face.

We'll return to the earth with a wonderful song,
With Jesus our Lord His reign to begin;
Out of great tribulation a glorified throng,
Will also be reigning with Him.


We'll leave this old earth with its troubles below,
There'll be no more sorrow, there'll be no more pain;
Be robed in white garments and ready to go,
For soon He is coming again.

Copyright, 1944, By Tennessee Music & Printing Co., In "Songs Forever"