All Aboard The Gospel Train
Anon Arr. A.M. Cheek

Hear you not the railroad whistle,
Lo, the gospel train is near;
Get aboard, ye earth-worn pilgrims,
She is safe, there's naught to fear;
She is built of God's own timbers,
Coaches ample and complete;
Rails are laid in faith and patience,
And each tie a promise sweet.

Storm-tossed sinner o'er life's billows,
Come on board this train today;
There are stations rich in blessings,
Scattered all along the way;
Get your ticket, God's forgiveness,
Jesus paid the fare, you know;
And His telegrams of mercy
Up and down this railroad go.

We've a brave and true Conductor,
And the Bible is our guide;
And the Holy Ghost supplies us with
The moving pow'r besides;
All the brakemen are God's servants,
Standing firm at duty's post;
Carrying trainloads into Canaan;
Lo! a great unnumbered host.

Lo! our Engineer keeps sighting
Down the track with eagle eye;
If perchance some threat'ning danger
Half concealed before us lie;
Down the track are dark obstructions,
Troubles, trials, pain and care;
Hark! He signals, Danger! Danger!
Down with brakes! Beware! Beware!

We are speeding on to glory
O'er each culvert, 'round each curve;
Up the grade of consecration
Where our train must never swerve;
We are speeding o'er the bridges
Where a break means certain death;
'Round the mountains, thru the tunnels,
Where we ride with bated breath.

Soon we'll reach the heav'nly depot,
Lo, its spires arise in sight;
As we slow up at the station,
At our journey's end alight;
Oh, the shouts of angels greet us,
Kindred long gone on before;
And the Sup'rintendent hails us,
Welcome Welcome evermore.


All aboard this gospel railroad,
All aboard ere 'tis too late;
We are bound for heaven's depot,
Where the angel porters wait.

Copyright 1944 by Tenn. Music & Printing Co.