Songs of P.P. Bliss

Abundantly Able To Save (music)

Afterward (music)

Ah, My Heart (music)

Almost Persuaded (words and music)

Alone (words and music)

Arise, Go Over Jordan (words and music)

Beyond The Cross (words)

Calling Now (words and music)

Carefully, Tearfully (music)

Come, Come And See (words)

Constrained By Love (words)

Eternity (music)

Go Bury Thy Sorrow (music)

God Is Always Near Me (words and music)

God Is Love (words - finished by Mrs. W.R. Griswold,
known as "Paulina" - and music)

Hallelujah, 'Tis Done! (words and music)

Hallelujah! What A Saviour! (words and music)

Ho, Every One That Thirsteth (music)

Hold The Fort (words and music)

I Believe (words)

I Gave My Life For Thee (music)

I Trust, O Lord, In Thee (words)

Is It In Me? (words and music)

It Is Well With My Soul (music)

Jesus Loves Even Me (words and music)

Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (words and music)

Lord Jesus, Come! (music)

Lord, Come Away! (words and music)

Meet Me At The Fountain (words and music)

More To Follow (words and music)

My Prayer (words and music)

My Redeemer (words)

My Refuge (words and music)

My Rock (music)

Nearer To Me (words and music)

No Other Name (words and music)

Once For All (words and music)

Only An Armour-Bearer (words and music)

Paul And Silas (words)

Precious Promise (music)

Pull For The Shore (words and music)

Remembered (music)

Sing, My Soul (words and music)

Soon And Forever (words and music)

Spirit Divine (words and music)

Stand Still, O Child Of God! (words - finished by Major D. W. Whittle)

Tell Me More About Jesus (words)

That Will Be Heaven For Me (words)

The Good News (words)

The Holy Spirit (words and music)

The Light Of The World Is Jesus (words and music)

The New Song (music)

The Sword Of The Lord (words and music)

This Is The Victory (words and music)

We Will Not Despair (music)

We're Going Home Tomorrow (music)

What Hast Thou Done For Me? (music)

What Shall The Harvest Be? (music)

What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do? (words)

When Jesus Comes (words and music)

When My Weary Hands Are Folded (words written for Ira Sankey)

Where Are The Nine? (words and music)

Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today? (words and music)

Where He Leads We Will Follow (words and music)

White As Snow (music)

Who Will Reply? (words)

Whosoever Will (words and music)

Why Should I Wait? (words and music)

Wise To Win (words)

Wishing, Hoping, Knowing (words and music)

Wonderful Words Of Life (words and music)

Another Soldier Fallen
(words by Eben E. Rexford and chorus and music by George Root)
Written in Memory of P.P. Bliss

Another soldier fallen In the rank and file of God;
A life's grand record ended, An earthly pathway trod;
Safe in the home he sung of Till hardest hearts were stirred,
Among the songs eternal His own sweet voice is heard.

Oh, faithful armor bearer, How many eyes are dim,
Because you join no longer Earth's mighty battle hymn;
True heart, loved as a brother, Your friendly hand we miss,
But think with heart exultant, He knows what heaven is.

Oh, comrade in God's army, The battle trumpet ring;
The dear old flag you fought for Upon the winds we fling;
The thought of you will strengthen The weak heart in the fray,
And this the word we send you, We'll "hold the fort" today!


Oh, noble Christian solider, Your mem'ry shall be dear;
For while you sing the New Song there, Your own shall bless us here.

Copyright 1877, by John Church & Co.


(Gospel Hymns and Sacred Songs by P.P. Bliss and Ira D. Sankey, as used by them in Gospel Meetings, Published by Biglow & Main, and John Church & Co., Copyright 1875)

(Welcome Tidings by Rev. Robert Lowry, W. Howard Doane and Ira D. Sankey, Including the tlast Hymns and Music of the late P.P. Bliss, Published by Biglow & Main, and John Church & Co., Copyright 1877)

(Winona Hymns Compiled by J. Wilbur Chapman, Edited by E.O. Excell, For The Evangelist Committee, Published by The Westminster Press, Copyright 1906, by Parley E. Zartman)