Noah's Vineyard

According to legend when Noah entered the ark he took along a vine. He had been a gardener before he built the ark, and when he settled again on the land after the deluge, he planted the vine once more and returned to his old occupation.

As he worked in the garden, Satan came to him and said: "If you will let me help you, I can show you how to make grapes grow on the vine tomorrow."

"That," said Noah, "is something worth seeing."

Satan helped Noah plant the vine. Then Satan took a lamb, a lion, a monkey and a pig and watered the plant with their blood.

That is why, after the first glass of wine, one becomes gentle as a lamb; after the second glass of wine, as daring as a lion; after the third glass one is apt to make a monkey of himself; and after the fourth glass of wine, a man becomes drunk and behaves like a pig.

- Lore of the Old Testament