A Frank and Honest Man

Do you think you will ever see a testimonial advertisement like this in your evening paper?

"Friends and neighbors, I am grateful for past favors and have supplied my store with a fine line of choice liquors.

I must inform you that I shall continue to make drunkards, paupers, and beggars for the respectable people of the community to support.

My products will incite riot, robbery, and bloodshed. They will diminish your comfort, increase your expenses, shorten your life, and multiply fatal accidents and incurable diseases. They will deprive some of life, others of reason, many of character, and all of peace.

I will thus, however, accommodate you, the public. I must face the reality that I have a family to support, that the business pays, and that your attendance encourages it. I have paid my license, and the traffic is lawful! If I don't sell it, someone else will.

Please give me your patronage, for as you can see, I am a frank and honest man."