(Part 1)



Dr. Michael E. Todd,
Copyright c 1999

It all started with Star Wars being advertised in restaurants and discount stores. Every where we looked, we saw all sorts of ugly, demonic like creatures that were sold as toys to children from ages 4 and up. As we went from store to store to do our shopping, we became more and more aware of what was being "forced" and "pushed", on families and children in the name of "entertainment" and "fun." The more that we looked the more we were HORRIFIED as we saw things that were GROSS, VULGAR, UGLY, MORBID, VILE, SCARY, DEMONIC AND SATANIC.


We saw all kinds of demonic, occult "toys" for children as young as 4 years old. After we left the store we literally went to the car and prayed and plead the blood against evil spirits and demons. We felt oppressed and dirty as a result of what we saw. FOR TWO NIGHTS AFTERWARD MY WIFE HAD NIGHTMARES AND COULD NOT SLEEP.

Definition of entertainment = enter - to go into; to penetrate or pierce. To introduce or insert. For the purpose of holding the attention; to amuse.

The bottom line is not only the parent's pocketbook but also the controlling and manipulating of the minds of children and youth.

Back in the old days you knew who the good (bad) guy was. The good guy wore white and never did anything off color or vulgar. There is no such thing as white and black anymore, it is all shades of grey. Now who is the good guy???? You will see for yourself what we mean later on in this presentation.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light,
and light for darkness:!
(Isaiah 5:20)
The Bible says:
Abstain from ALL appearance of evil.
(1 Thess. 5:22)

As saith the proverb of the ancients, Wickedness proceedeth from the wicked.
(1 Samuel 24:13)

During the decade of the eighties, and into the nineties, the most popular toys have been those whose themes are VIOLENT AND/OR OCCULT in nature. Some of the more popular have been He-Man, Masters of the Universe, Teen-Age Mutant Ninja Turtles, She-Ra, Harry Potter and a whole host of video games from Nintendo and other manufacturers. These manufacturers are living out their own perverse fantasies through the products they produce, and are transferring them to unsuspecting children.

Many children have difficulty distinguishing the moulded metal and plastic playthings from real flesh and blood beings. Consequently these TOYS AFFECT THEM IN VERY REAL WAYS. Their impressionable young minds, not having sufficient experience to afford them proper discernment, confuse fantasy with reality.


That certain values can be instilled through playthings was recognized in Nazi Germany where children were given miniature implements of torture and were instructed in their use.

There are certain types of toys that carry built-in pre-programmed themes of play which instil ungodly attitudes and may even lead to involvement in witchcraft and/or develop a sadistic nature. Others, though not as bizarre, may still induce abnormal psychological and spiritual problems.


The philosophy today is anything ugly is in; anything beautiful is not accepted. Preparing our children for the acceptance of genetic mutations, witchcraft, magic, the ungodly and the ugly. They are after your children.

Cartoons on TV are full of sex, violence and the philosophy of the ungodly. Everywhere there is the influence of demonic toys, ugly grotesque and vulgar (from extremely voluptuous Barbie dolls to demons).


Occult-violence toys are those that steer the child's imagination into sorcery, spiritism, and violence. These simulate more than others the demonic realm. The key word in the promotion of these toys is "power"-occult power that comes through spirit forces.

For girls who wish to identify more closely with occult-violence there was developed the "Princess of Power" collection of sorceresses and goddesses who rule the universe from "Crystal Castle," "the source of all power." Another has been She-Ra who, "lifted high on her throne... saves the world alone."

We find in She-Ra a parallel to the ancient Egyptian mystery religion. Ra was Egypt's sun god and supreme deity. She-Ra is obviously a sun goddess who takes the place of Christ in the imaginations of little girls who lift her high on her throne in Crystal Castle.


Is another perverse theme that may be found in certain characters like the Thunder Cats, "half-human, half animal," with eyes that light up to exhibit an inner occult spiritual power. These are obviously meant to be the offspring of humans who mated with animals to produce super-powerful creatures.

Alien life forms also figure prominently among such toys, adding impetus to the belief that man is merely one among many intelligent beings, the product of evolution.


Even some cute, cuddly toys have occult characteristics. Because they are so cute and cuddly, they can be among the most dangerous to a child's spiritual health. Even Christian parents are enamoured by their cute outward appearances and tend to overlook the satanic nature of the magic with which they are identified. Many times they make the monsters look cute so that a child falls in love with them.


Many people are stunned to see the ugly toys that are being sold to four and five-year-old children. Many are exact duplicates of demons from Satan's kingdom. People who have been saved out of the occult have stated that the makers are even giving the children the proper names of these spirit beings. Some have holograms inside the toy depicting demons through a little window. Who would have ever believed twenty years ago that children would be playing with such things as their little toys and play-mates? An incredible battle is going on for the minds and hearts of our youth. Satan is out to destroy an entire generation. - ONL perilous Times.


A wizard (witchdoctor), called a good wizard, who is trapped in another dimension gives them their power. They communicate with him by psychic methods and together their goal is to save the world from evil. How can that be bad? It's all a game of white and black magic locked in constant combat for control of the earth. Probably nothing is more dangerous than the idea of spirits coming to human aid.

Almost every recent game or entertaining story directed at children includes some form of psychic power or wise spirit available to give aid to the weary person. Satan has always played with the minds of men telling them that they can be gods. It was the first lie in the garden.


Playing a serial killer is the twisted fun in a board game. "Packaged in its own plastic body bag, Serial Killer comes complete with an illustrated game board, a bag of 25 babies, four serial killer figures, crime and outcome cards, one die, and instructions. Bumaby News; 92/08/16


"Miami Beach, Fl.-There was Barbie, then Ken, and now Billy - a 13" plastic "proud gay doll" complete with Yes, you guessed it. Marketed by New York-based Totem International, the item is becoming a best-seller in markets nationwide and in Europe and Japan. More than 25,000 have been sold at $49.95 since stores began stocking them in March. Versions include a 'street cool' San Francisco Billy and a 'sex bondage' Master Billy. Creator Jim McKitterick says clothing lines and other members of the 'alternative family of dolls' are in the works-to increase 'gay visibility and talk about human rights.'
(AP 6/10/97)" (Intercessors for America, July/August '97)


There is a present obsession with ugly and awesome beasts. Almost every toy or children's story will somehow incorporate a beastly figure. From "Beauty and the Beast" to lesser emphasis on the ugly, it is all a dark fantasy and obsession. Fantasy entertainment is big business. People appear to love scary and titillating tales. The sicker a society becomes and the further from the true God they depart the viler they grow. An empty heart is fertile soil for wild and exciting fantasies. Empty people do not laugh easily so wild and exciting creatures may well stir the adrenaline of otherwise dreary souls.

The future picture of Biblical prophecy is a clear scene of dark spirits from the underworld. The Beasts of Revelation are not lovely creatures. The opening of the dark regions of imprisoned angels will turn loose these benighted beasts. They will terrorize mankind. Satan is clearly preparing the world for ruin. Crystal balls, flaming swords, the all-seeing eye-of Horns, on and on goes the list of occult themes and phenomenon.