The wealthy liquor industry has so controlled the media over the past 50 years that most Americans today believe prohibition was a failure. They have literally been able to brainwash this country into believing that the out-lawing of booze hurt our citizens. It is an outright lie! Prohibition was a success. If liquor were controlled today, we would not need the massive amounts of tax dollars to build new prisons. Most crimes and accidents are committed "under the influence."

H. Wayne Pyle, chairman of the Central Baptist Social Action in Quincy, Illinois, has compiled a list of the benefits. They are impressive!

Wife beating and lack of family support decreased 82%
Drunkenness was down 55.3%
Assault was down 53.1%
Vagrancy decreased 525.8%
Disorderly conduct decreased 51.5%
Delinquency was down 50%
Cirrhosis deaths decreased 50%
Houses of correction had a 4 times reduction of inmates
General domestic complaints decreased 3 times
County hospitals had the lowest death rate in history
Many correctional institutions were closed
Alcohol almost disappeared
Even prostitution decreased
Crime throughout the nation, excluding Chicago, was down 38 %
Crime in Chicago was DOWN 25%
Savings accounts tripled
Insurance policies written were doubled
Real estate values increased
Families were better clothed