The following is by no means a complete list of German Nazi atrocities against Jews and others in Ukraine during the Holocaust:

(1) Many people were arrested as hostages including 1,250 people - old men, minors, and women with nursing infants. In Kiev alone the Nazis murdered over 195,000 people.

(2) In Rovno and the Rovno region they killed and tortured over 100,000 peaceful citizens.

(3) In Dnepropetrovsk, near the Transport Institute, they shot or threw alive into a great ravine 11,000 women, old men and children.

(4) In the Karmenetz-Podolsk region 31,000 Jews were shot and exterminated, including 13,000 brought there from Hungary.

(5) In the Odessa region at least 200,000 Soviet citizens were killed.

(6) In Kharkov about 195,000 people were either tortured to death, shot or gassed in gas vans.

(7) In Gomel the Germans rounded up the population in prison, tortured and tormented them, and then took them to the center of the city and shot them in public.

(8) In the city of Lyda in the Grodnen region, on May 8,1942, some 5,670 people were completely undressed, driven into pens in groups of 100, and shot by machine guns. Many were thrown into graves while they were still alive.

(9) Along with adults, the Nazi conspirators mercilessly destroyed children. They killed them with their parents, in groups and alone. The Nazi troops murdered many innocent people in children's homes and hospitals by stabbing, throwing them into flames, and burying them alive.

-From Nuremberg Trial Records