"Well Ben, How did you like the tract
I gave to you one day?"
The Country Parson asked his man
Who kept the weeds away.

"Ah, massa, it was jes' for me.
It sure did me some good
I couldn't tell why call 'em "tracks"
But now I'm sure I could.

For when I read that little book
It track me everywhere;
It track me down the cellar steps,
It track me up de stair.

It track me right out to de barn -
'Nen to de house it come;
It track me all aroun' de farm -
At las' -- it track me home."

It track me till I 'fessed my sins -
Took dat I stole right back;
It done has tracked me to de Lawd -
God bless you for dat track.

I jes' abouten wore it out -
But -- did yo' wan' it back?
Its trackin' Mandy! An' I knows
Jes' why you call it "track."

- Effie O. Foss