Down, down to the womb of the virgin
And then in a manger lay
The only begotten Son of God
That first glad Christmas day.
Up, up in the sky sang the angels
That hallowed night so still:
"A Saviour, Christ the Lord is born;
Peace on the earth - good will."

Quick, quick, went the wondering shepherds
Upon the Bethlehem way
There, there to kneel and worship
Where Baby Jesus lay.
Back, back to their flocks with praises
At seeing that Holy Thing.
Sure, sure that Mary's Infant
Is Israel's promised King.

Skip, skip to find Him in manhood
And healing the sick galore.
Casting out devils, raising the dead,
While preaching to the poor.
But, but on the cross rejected,
Lo, in the grave He lay -
What! What! Behold! He's risen!
The priests express dismay.

Now, now from throne in heaven
'Tis great to hear Him say
In stable of my trusting heart
That He is King today.
Come, come Messiah, Saviour.
Make war and sin to cease:
Rule, rule o'er us forever -
All hail! The King of Peace!