"What is a Child?"

A child is someone with the energy of an atom, the subtlety of a bulldozer, and an imagination that would challenge the creative effort of the most able science-fiction writer.

A child, unless he is asleep, is in constant motion. He is a noisy, restless, squirming bundle of energy. But, for all his exuberance, a child is the most sensitive of God's creations.

A child thrives when time is taken to answer his many questions, when he is encouraged to develop his many talents, and, most important, when an untiring effort is made to help him broaden his own reasoning powers. But each time that he is brushed aside, or ignored, as if consideration and justice were reserved solely for grown-ups, he wilts a little.

A child is notorious for being inattentive, forgetful, and - that most grievous fault - a daydreamer. If allowed to use his imagination, he will explore and travel a universe of concepts, which will enrich and become a part of his life. If squelched and repeatedly reminded to be "practical," he will eventually retire to his own little world.

A child can consume much of your time. He can try your patience. He can exhaust your energy. But what greater reward for all your effort than to see his face radiant with a sense of accomplishment: the discovery that he has it in his power to manipulate a whole new world of knowledge and ideas.

- Mathew Orlando