(God Is Who His Name Says He Is!)

A - Almighty, Advocate, Alpha, Amen, Angel, Ancient of Days, Anointed, Author, Atoner, Anointer, Avenger.

B - Begotten, Beloved, Beautiful, Blessed, Branch, Bread of Life, Bridegroom, Beginning, Bright and Morning Star, Brightness of the Father's Glory.

C - Compassion, Caring, Creator, Captain, Chief Cornerstone, Christ, Consolation of Israel, Covenant, Counselor, Comforter.

D - Daysman, Deliverer, Desire of Nations, Diadem, Door, Defender.

E - Elect, Emmanuel, Everlasting Father, Express Image, Eternal.

F - Finisher, First Fruit, Faithful, Forerunner, First and Last, Foundation, Friend, Fortress, Fairest of Ten Thousand.

G - Glorious God, Gift, Governor, Gracious, Good, Great, Gentle, Guide, Governor.

H - Holy, Hearer, Harmless, Humble, Heir, Healer, High Priest, Head, Hope, High Tower, Highest, Honest, Helper.

I - Image of God, Invisible, Invincible, Immortal, Interceder, Immutable, Intercessor.

J - Judge, Just, Jealous, Jehovah-Jireh.

K - Kind, King, Knowing.

L - Love, Lamb, Light, Life, Leader, Lord, Lily of the Valley, Lion of Judah, Living Word, Long-Suffering, Lover, Lovely, Lamp.

M - Master, Mediator, Merciful, Minister, Mighty, Majesty.

N - Near

O - Ominipresent, Only Begotten Son, Omega, Offering, Offerer

P - Prince, Patient, Prophet, Propitation, Priest, Passover, Purifer, Powerful, Present, Patient.

Q - Quickener

R - Righteous, Right, Redeemer, Refiner, Resurrection, Rock, Refuge, Ransom, Root, Ruler, Revealer, Refining Fire, Rock of Ages, Rose of Sharon.

S - Sacrifice, Sovereign, Slow to Anger, Strength, Shepherd, Servant, Spirit, Surety, Safety, Sanctification, Shield, Saviour, Stone, Sufferer.

T - Truth, Teacher, Tender-Hearted, Treasure.

U - Upholder, Unsearchable, Unerring, Uplifter, Unchanging.

V - Victorious.

W - Wonderful, Way, Wisdom, Worthy

Y - Yea and Amen, Yoke Fellow.

Z - Zion, Zealous.