(Vestigial Organs)

Vestigial organs are thought to be useless by evolutionists.

They say the whale has "a vestigial pelvis and it is evidence of evolution from a 4-legged land dwelling mammal. The whale retains pelvic and leg bones as useless vestiges."

But the real truth is, these are really anchor points that muscles attach to and used for reproduction; they have absolutely nothing to do with a whale having legs.

The human tailbone, which according to evolutionists, is of no apparent use, actually helps in bodily functions. The next time an evolutionist says that the human tailbone is a vestigial organ, just offer to have it removed. If he does he will have BIG problems the next time he goes to the bathroom.

Vestigial organs really prove the OPPOSITE of evolution because according to them you loss something not gain it. According to evolution there should be a gain in information not a loss.

"Adaptation" is a code word used by evolutionists. They can't say design feature because they don't want to believe in a Designer.