By Oliver Greene

There are varied and sundry ideas about hell. There has never been a time in the history of man when there existed so many differences of opinion as today. Let me point out three of the outstanding, man made doctrines concerning Hell:

First, there are many who teach "death ends it all", that the only hell there is, is the grave where the body returns to dust - and that is all there is to it. There are surprisingly many people who hold this doctrine.

The second group teaches that there is a hell - or will be at the last Great Judgment, and the wicked will be burned up like a piece of paper. They will consume away, their ashes will return to dust, and they will cease to exist. There are tens of thousands of people even in America who believe this.

The third group has come into prominence in recent years, known as "liberals and modernists." They teach that God is love and that there is no such place as a literal, burning hell! They teach that if there is such a place, it is a school where people will be trained to live better lives. I have in my possession some outstanding sermons by outstanding, religionists (please note that I said "religionists" not born again Christians), men who are high in the field of religion but low in God's estimation because they deny the Word.

I have named the three outstanding, man-made doctrines concerning hell:

But there is a fourth teaching in the land, thank God and this fourth teaching is the Bible:

According to the Word of God, hell is a reality - just as real as heaven. If there is no hell, there is no heaven. I belong to this last group. I believe in a, literal, burning, everlasting hell!

Someone is saying "Mr. Greene, do you expect us to believe YOU, and junk all of the other doctrines and ideas about hell?" NO! I do not expect you to believe me; but if you are not an atheist or an agnostic and if you hope to make Heaven your home, I expect you to read Romans 3:4 AND BELIEVE IT: "LET GOD BE TRUE, BUT EVERY MAN A LIAR!"

It matters not the subject - if it has to do with God and eternity the Bible is the only place to find the authentic answer. Men disagree - but the word of God is in perfect agreement. The Bible is a Book of perfect harmony - written by many men inspired of God over a period of centuries - and yet not one contradiction is contained within it. So if we want to know the truth about hell, there is only one place to find it: in the Bible.


Hell is a place prepared by Almighty God . . . prepared for "the devil and his angels" (Matt. 25:41). In Genesis 1:1 we read, "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth." You will note that in the beginning, God created the "Heaven" (singular) and the earth (singular). He did not create "heavens" or "earths" (plural) just the Heaven and the earth. In the beginning, there was no hell; It was not needed, and God does not create anything to lie idle. He does not create, unless the created serves a purpose in His economy.

On the sixth day of creation, God made man and you may rest assured that God did not make man for hell. It is not God's will that any should perish, but if man chooses to serve Satan, if man desires Satan as his master, then he must of necessity spend eternity with Satan.

When God created the Heaven and the earth, there was no devil, no sin, no evil - no need for hell; but somewhere along the way, Satan became jealous of God. He was not Satan at that time - he was Lucifer, the Shining One, the Anointed Cherub. Read Ezekiel 28ff; and read Isaiah 14:10ff; and you will find the record of the origin of Satan. At one time he was in God's angelic host; he was the Anointed Cherub, perfect in all of his ways, perfect in beauty until he decided to overthrow God. He "brain-washed" some of the angels and led them astray, they attempted to overthrow God and God cast Satan out of Heaven.

Jesus testified that He saw Satan fall from Heaven and the sight was "as lightning" in the sky. "And He said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven" (Luke 10:18). Surely he must have been a shining creature, a bright personality, a powerful being but he no longer wanted to be subordinate to God. He decided he would overthrow God and God threw him out! The Creator is always greater and more powerful than the created.

When God was forced to cast Lucifer and his angels out of Heaven, He prepared a place for them, and that is the reason we have a place called hell. According to Matthew 25:41, hell was prepared for the devil, and for the devil's angels - not for you and me. But if we live like the devil, we must spend eternity with him. Read John 8:44.

The Bible teaches that hell is DOWN - never up. Isaiah 14:9 refers to hell from "beneath" moving up to meet Satan. In Job 11:8, "It is as high as Heaven; what canst thou do? DEEPER THAN HELL: What canst thou know?" Job referred to hell as a DEEP place, and when we think of depth, we think of "down".

David describes hell thus: "Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them" (Psalm 55:15). David believed and taught that hell is "down," and that the wicked "go down into hell."

Peter sheds a little light on hell and its location: "For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them DOWN TO HELL, and delivered them into chains of darkness to be reserved unto judgment . . ." (II Pet. 2:4). Peter walked and talked with Jesus, and Jesus preached the hottest sermon on hell that you will ever read. It was Jesus (not some fanatical evangelist or pastor) who first used the words "HELL FIRE" in our precious Bible. Peter tells us that God cast the fallen angels down to hell, and they are in chains of darkness, waiting the great white throne judgment of God.

It seems to me that that is enough scripture to convince any person who wants to know the truth; and any person who denies these scriptures must face the fact recorded in the Bible and admit that "THEY WILLINGLY ARE IGNORANT . . ." (II Pet. 3:5). The Bible distinctly refers to hell as being "down" - deep down - and angels have been cast into hell. I wish our friends who believe and teach that the grave is hell, would read these verses and believe them - not because I pointed them out, but because the Holy Ghost put them in the Bible.

The Bible refers to hell as a "pit": "And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from Heaven unto the earth, and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit; and he opened the bottomless pit and there arose a smoke out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit" (Rev. 9:1-2). To make it very clear that this scripture definitely refers to hell, I quote verse 11 in the same chapter: "And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." Those Greek words mean "The Destroyer," "The Deceiver," "The Murderer," none other than the devil. And the same Greek word is used in I Peter 5:8: "Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour."

There is no doubt in my mind that hell is in the center of this earth. There is a news article in my book THE TWO SIGNS, on the subject "Man plans to drill into hell." Many times God uses wicked men to point out the truth, even though they do not realize what they are doing. According to John the Beloved (to whom God dictated Revelation) hell is a bottomless pit. This earth is round, and I believe hell is in the center of this earth.

Amos describes hell in these words: "Though they dig into hell, thence shall mine hand take them; though they climb up to Heaven, thence will I bring them down" (Amos 9:2). Certainly when we think of digging, we think of going down in the earth - we do not dig UP, we dig DOWN: we do not dig in the air, we dig in the dirt. Amos tells us as the Holy Spirit leads him to write - "Though they dig into hell, thence shall my hand take them." Amos believed that hell is in the center of the earth.

On one occasion the Pharisees asked Jesus for a sign, and Jesus said, in essence, "I will give you one sign, and ONLY one: As Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth" (Matt. 12:38-40). In Acts 2:25-27 we find the Holy Spirit quoting what was prophesied in Psalms: "Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope: because thou wilt not leave my soul IN HELL, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption." The Holy Spirit here quotes the prophecy in Psalm 16:8-11.

I am sure some of you are saying, "Mr. Greene, would you suggest that Jesus went to hell?" No, I would not suggest that - I have just read it to you from the Bible! But now wait a minute - He did not go to the torments of hell. In the Old Testament era, hell had two compartments one, Paradise; the other, fire. In Luke 16, the account of the rich man and Lazarus tells us that between the two "there was a great gulf." Lazarus was in Abraham's bosom, the rich man was in a flame of fire; they were both in the heart of the earth. When Jesus died, His soul - the part of man that loves and reasons - descended into Paradise and announced to the spirits there that the Lamb had been slain, redemption had been purchased and completed. Jesus then "Led captivity captive," and ascended "FAR ABOVE ALL HEAVENS."

Paul says, "Now that He ascended, what is it but that He also descended first, into the lower parts of the earth?" Read Ephesians 4:7-11. Jesus died on the cross; He literally passed His Spirit back to God. They placed His body in the garden tomb in Jerusalem; His soul descended into Paradise. (The love of God descended into Paradise and announced to the spirits in prison that the sin-debt had been paid.) This announcement was not made to souls in the fire, but to the people of the Old Testament era who had died and gone into Paradise - the place where Abraham was, with Lazarus resting on his bosom. Without a shadow of a doubt, hell is in the center of this earth. It is the "bottomless pit."

The Bible refers to hell as a "prison." Revelation 20:7: "And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison." In the first few verses of Revelation 20, we find an angel arresting Satan, binding him with a chain, casting him into the bottomless pit (hell), and setting a seal on him. He is to remain there for one thousand years, during which we will have the Millennium here on earth. Then will come the time politicians have talked about, but have done very little to bring about: We will have that glorious "peace on earth, good will to men" that can never happen as long as Satan is out of jail; but when the angel who has the key to hell and death (read Rev. 1:18) descends; when Jesus descends and sits on the throne of His father, David, and the devil is in the pit on the "chain gang," we will have peace on earth, good will toward men.

The Bible teaches that hell is a place of sorrow - a place of desperate sorrow: "The SORROWS OF HELL compassed me about: the snares of death prevented me" (Psalm 18:5). I am so glad that I am not going to hell, because I do not enjoy being around people who are filled with sorrow. As believers, we are to weep with those who weep, mourn with those who mourn, and rejoice with those who rejoice; but I am glad all of that will cease for the believers when we depart this life and go to be with Jesus. We are going to a place where there is no sorrow, no heartache, no disappointment, thank God! We are not going to the place of eternal sorrow, eternal weeping, eternal mourning, where "there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." No wonder David referred to hell as a place of sorrow!

Hell is without a doubt a very large place. Isaiah tells us that "Hell hath enlarged herself" (Isaiah 5:14). In Proverbs 27:20 we read, "HELL AND DESTRUCTION ARE NEVER FULL." Something to think about, sinner friend. HELL IS NEVER FULL - and people are pouring into it like water pours over Niagara Falls!

Let us bring Jesus to the witness stand and ask Him to give us a little light on hell. In that marvelous masterpiece, The Sermon on the Mount, (three great chapters that liberals and modernists like to refer to and talk about), Jesus gives some light on hell: "But I say unto you that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause, shall be in danger of the judgment. And whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire" (Matthew 5:22). The term "hell" (and in most places the word "fire" is connected with it) is used by Jesus in Matthew 5:22, 5:29, and 5:30. Also in Matthew 10:28, Matthew 18:9, Matthew 23:15, 23:33. Also in Mark 9:43, 9:45, 9:47, in Luke 12:5 and in James 3:6. Every time Jesus uses the term, He is sounding out a solemn warning concerning the consequences of sin.

So you see, beloved, that terrible, horrible, "old fogy" term "hell-fire" was not coined or manufactured by some crackpot in the pulpit. Those words were uttered by none other than the tender, compassionate, loving, longsuffering, gentle, meek Lamb of God! He put no frills on it, He did not sugar-coat it. The words are understandable, rough and rugged: "Hell-Fire!" I think we can afford to believe what Jesus said about hell, and as for me and my house, WE WILL believe it. We will stand on it, live by it, preach it, and die by it! If you choose to take the fires OUT of hell, then one day, my friend, you will be convinced when you drop into the fires of hell. Did I hear you say, "Mr. Greene, I do not believe in hell"? Is that what you said? Friend, that does not matter; what you believe about hell is not important. This Old Book got here before you did, and it will be here when you are gone. You had better believe it and receive it - you will wake up in hell if you do not! Jesus taught hell; He taught a hell of fire - and we will see more about it later in this message.

Jesus delivered a sermon one day, and He used some of the most scorching words ever to fall from the lips of any man. If you will read the 23rd chapter of Matthew, you will read a "scorcher!" The Son of God could take off more hide per square inch than any preacher who ever lived. There has never been a rougher, tougher preacher of the Truth. He was as meek as a lamb - but He was a consuming fire. He could say, "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not." He could also say, "Bind them, and take them away and cast them into hell-fire!" Oh, yes, He is a Lamb - He is Love; but He is also a consuming fire. LET'S BELIEVE IT ALL!

In Matthew 23:33, Jesus closes His message by saying, "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape THE DAMNATION OF HELL?" That is kind of rough. Let one of these modern, lovey-dovey, scissor-tailored coat-wearing, stepladder-collar-parading, back-scratching, ear-tickling, compromising, Gospel-dodging, easy going, "Channel Number 5," seminary-manufactured preachers step into a pulpit on Sunday morning, raise his voice and refer to a gang of liquor-heads, dope fiends, home wreckers, heart breakers and blasphemers, using the words of Jesus - "Ye serpents, you generation of snakes! How do you hope to escape Hell!" Let him try that just one time and see what happens. No, I am not sarcastic, I am not trying to be funny: I am heart-sick! God pity spineless jellyfish preachers who do not have nerve enough to look a gang of hypocrites in the face - a gang who for six days in the week drink liquor, cuss, lie and steal, and then are right "sanctimonious" on Sunday morning - and tell them what they are! The preacher who lets that crowd slip through his fingers and wake up in hell, will nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-times out of ten thousand, drop into the same hell they drop into! If, by chance, he IS a saved man, he will certainly stand before God with bloody hands. The dirtiest thief this side of hell is a man who will stand in the pulpit knowing the truth but afraid to preach it to a crowd that NEEDS the truth. Jesus put no frills on his ministry. He stated clearly that the wages of sin is death and hypocrisy brings damnation. These folks who profess to be sheep, He pronounced in no uncertain terms to be SNAKES. God help us to wake up! HELL IS A PLACE OF DAMNATION!

Jesus tells us another very interesting thing about hell in Matthew 16:18: "And I say unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT." Jesus taught that hell has gates. I know there is a deeper meaning here concerning the church and the gates of hell but I am not going into that. That is another sermon. What I am pointing out here is what the Bible teaches about hell. According to Jesus, hell has gates and that leads me to my last point here:

We have learned that hell is DOWN; hell is A PIT; hell is a PRISON; hell is a PLACE OF SORROWS; hell is a place that is NEVER FULL; hell is a place that burns with FIRE AND BRIMSTONE: hell is a PLACE OF DAMNATION; it is a place that has gates. But I have news for you, hallelujah! Hear this: "I AM HE THAT LIVETH, AND WAS DEAD: AND, BEHOLD, I AM ALIVE FOREVER MORE, AMEN! AND HAVE THE KEYS OF HELL AND OF DEATH!" (Revelation 1:18).

That is good news to me, hallelujah! Jesus lives in my heart, and Jesus has two keys: He has the key to death - so I am not afraid to die. He has the key to hell - so I am not worried about hell, because my Saviour has the key!

Jesus came to earth in a body; He lived in that body for thirty-three and a half years, tempted in all points as we are, yet without sin. He tasted life in every respect as we taste life; He was put through every test that we are, yet He did not falter. He challenged His enemies to bring one accusation against Him - but they could not. They hired liars and false witnesses to testify against Him. He is the One Who died, of His own free will - He said, "No man taketh my life ... I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father" (John 10:18). Paul tells us in Hebrews 2:9 that Jesus came to die, He came to taste death for every man. He died, descended into the Paradise side of hell, then He led captivity captive and ascended far above all Heavens. "When He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high" (Hebrews 1:3). That is where He sits today. And as He sits on the right hand of God the Father, He holds the keys to death and hell. Hallelujah! What a Saviour! Do you know Him? If you do not, receive Him now.

So far, I have named some of the varied and sundry ideas about hell. I have pointed out some of the doctrines set forth by "religions" concerning hell. Then, I asked the question, "Who is right, and who is wrong?" I answered that question by quoting Romans 3:4, "Let God be true, but every man a liar." We then studied ten definite things said about hell in the Bible. We completed this by declaring that hell has a gate, and Jesus has the key. Oh, yes, I forgot - this sermon is on the subject "Where the Worm dieth Not." What is the worm that will never die? (I got so wrapped up in what the Bible said about hell that I forgot all about my subject!).

Read carefully the following words - words that fell from the tender lips and came from the tender heart of the Lamb of God. The hottest sermon on hell that you will ever read is here - there are more blazes and flames in these few verses than in any passage of scripture from Genesis to Revelation and Jesus is the preacher: "If thy hand offend thee cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched: There their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, that having two feet to be cast into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched, where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched. And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire: where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched" (Mark 9:43-48).

I have quoted from God's Word a very understandable sermon on hell. Anyone who wants to know and accept the truth can clearly see in these words what Jesus thought and taught about hell. I would like to outline these verses for you, break them down, so that we can see clearly exactly what they contain:

In verse 43, Jesus preaches that if a person cannot serve God with two hands, then it is much better to cut off one of them, be a cripple and serve God with one hand, rather than have two good hands, serve the devil and go to hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched.

According to this verse, Jesus preached hell as a place where there is fire. Maybe someone is saying, "Mr. Greene, that is not really fire." God have mercy on such stupid, uncalled-for ignorance! We read about the streets of gold - "Oh, yes, THAT is gold!" We read about the gates of pearl - "Oh, yes, they are PEARLS all right - real pearls.") We read about hell fire - and "that is not FIRE." How calloused can a heart become? Dear friend, do not let any one tell you that is not "fire." If the word "f-i-r-e" is a symbol, then just keep in mind that the real product is worse than the symbol! In other words, if this is not fire as we know fire, whatever it is it is HOTTER than our fire. (Fire is the only word Jesus could use that we could understand.) I believe Jesus said what He meant, and meant what He said. He knew what He said, and He said what He knew because, you see, He was present when God Almighty created hell. Hell is a place of fire ... it makes no difference what your preacher, your religion, or your book of doctrine says! If you cannot serve God with two hands, you would be better off with one hand, or with NO hands, than to have hands, serve the devil, and be lost in hell, "Where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched."

In verse 45, Jesus announces His second point: "If thy foot offend thee, cut it off." If Jesus stood on my platform and preached to a group of people in the twentieth century, He would say something like this: "Ladies and men, if you cannot walk for Jesus, if your feet carry you to the places of the devil; if you are using your feet to serve sin, if you cannot serve God with two feet - then go out to the chopping block and let somebody take an axe and cut off one of them! It would be far better for you to go through life with one foot, than to have two feet and serve the devil, ending up in hell in a fire that never shall be quenched!" Does Jesus need to say anything two times to make it so? John 3:16 is only in the Bible one time, but we BELIEVE John 3:16. Oh, yes "God is love;" we believe that. God so loved the loved the world - yes, we believe that! But it is mighty hard for some people to believe that it is better to chop off a foot and go to Heaven, than it is to have two feet, go to hell, and drop into a lake of fire that burns with brimstone. They want to make something else out of the fire. They want to believe that God is love, that Jesus has gone to prepare a beautiful place with golden streets and gates of pure pearls - but hell? No! That just could not be fire! They refuse to accept the fact that God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29) and angry with the wicked every day (Psalm 7:11).

My friend, if you are reading these lines and you deny hell fire, I will perhaps never be able to convince you, ministers may never be able to convince you, the Word of God may not convince you - but it will take only three seconds of hell fire to make you believe! It will be too late then - entirely too late: I beg you to believe now! No, you cannot be saved and deny the Bible. You must believe that Jesus is the Christ and if you believe that He is the Christ, you believe He is One who "cannot lie" (Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18). If there is no fire in hell, Jesus lied because He said "A man that calls his brother a fool is in danger of hell fire." He said, "It is better to lose your hand than to be cast into hell fire; and it is better to lose your foot than to be cast into hell fire." So, if there is not fire in hell, then Jesus lied; and if He lied about hell, then He might have lied about the cross and we have no hope, no salvation. We might just as well eat, drink and be merry - tomorrow we may die! Let me repeat: - You may never believe this side of the grave, but YOU WILL BELIEVE ON THE OTHER SIDE; "Where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched."

In verse 47, Jesus announced His third point. (Almost every sermon Jesus preached was a three-point sermon; study them.) "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire."

I personally had much rather lose one of my hands than to lose one of my feet; I had rather have two feet than to have two hands. It would be far easier to have one hand, because a person with one hand can do almost anything a person with two hands can do; but if we lose a foot, that is a very painful, handicapping experience.

Jesus first mentions, losing the hand; He then moves from the hand to the foot - to lose a foot is bad; but third, to lose an eye is worse. Eyes are among the most important members of our body, and I would hate to lose one of my eyes.

God bless the dear, precious blind friends who listen to my programs; there are hundreds of them across the country. One day they will see Jesus, if they are saved, and they will have two good eyes just like His perfect eyes.

In essence, Jesus said "If you cannot look at the right things, if your eyes do not lead you to the right places, if you cannot use your eyes to glorify God - then the thing to do is pluck one of them out! You had better have one eye and go to Heaven, than have two eyes and go to hell; because hell is a place where the fire is never quenched."

What about your eyes? Are you using them to glorify God, or are you using them to serve the devil? May God help you, if you are lost, to say this moment: "Lord, here are my heart, my hands, my feet, my eyes; save me. Save the members of my body, and help me whether I eat, drink, or whatsoever I do to do it all to the glory of God. When I walk; when I work; when I look-help me to do it to the glory of God!"

If you cannot do that, you would be better off without any feet, without any hands, without any eyes. It would be much better to be severely handicapped and serve God, than to have a good, sound, perfect body and go to hell "Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched."


Verse 43: Hell is a place of fire - a place where the fire will never be quenched. Verse 45: hell is a, place of fire - a place where the fire will never be quenched. Verse 47: Hell is a place that burns with fire.

Jesus believed in a fiery hell. He was convinced that hell is an awful place. What do you think?

Oh! I was going to tell you what the "WORM" is, wasn't I? The "worm" is mentioned more than once in our scripture: In verse 44: "Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched." In verse 46: "Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched." In verse 48: "Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched."

WHAT IS THE WORM? That is one of the easiest questions in the word of God: The "worm" is the part of the sinner that will never burn up, never cease to exist, but will be tormented forever and forever! But you say, "Oh, Mr. Greene! I thought you were going to tell us what the worm IS!" I have just told you: The worm is that part of man that is indestructible; it cannot cease to exist. The worm cannot burn up. The worm will be tormented forever and ever and ever.

"But Mr. Greene - what IS the worm?" What difference does that make? The shape, the size, the length, the breadth - whether it is flesh, bone, or spirit; whether it has eyes, feet, hands, ears - it makes no difference. THE WORM IS THAT PART OF MAN THAT IS ABSOLUTELY INDESTRUCTIBLE - IT CANNOT BE DESTROYED! Sinner, if you die in your sin and wake up in hell, YOU will never cease to burn. YOU will never cease to exist. YOU are the worm!!! Whatever body you will have in hell will be determined by God Almighty - that is none of my business, nor is it any of yours. The worm is the part of the sinner that will never die!

I see no reason why anyone should doubt that hell is everlasting, and that the sinner never burns up and will be conscious forever. The verses I have just quoted tell us that the worm never dies, the fire never goes out. Three times - God did not say it one time and stop; He did not say it two times and stop; He said it three times. God Almighty does not need to say anything but one time to make it true, but the Son, as the Father spoke, uttered these identical words three times. The worm will never die; the fire will never be quenched. God have mercy on any person who butchers the word of God to fit some crazy religion! God pity any preacher who will stand before an audience of people and tell them that this is not literal fire, and that the worm will not exist forever but that the wicked will be cremated (burned up), and cease to exist. God pity the man who preaches such error!

Sinner friend, since God Almighty created hell for the devil and his angels and not for you, why in the name of common sense do you want to go there? Jesus came to "seek and to save that which was lost" (Luke 19:10). Jesus is looking for you; He is searching for you now, this very moment. He is speaking to you through this message and He wants to save you. It matters not who you are nor where you are; It matters not what you have done; it matters not how wicked you may be. If you will bow your head this moment, and with a sincere heart confess to the Lord Jesus that you are lost and ask Him to save you, HE WILL! He will forgive your sins and write your name in the Lamb's Book of Life, and praise God, when you die you will not drop into hell, but the angels will carry you to Paradise. Jesus said to the dying thief on the cross, "Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise!" (Luke 23:42-43).

In Luke 16, the beggar died and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom - the place of rest. If you will bow your head, confess your sins and receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, when you depart this Life you too will go to Paradise - the place of rest. It is not God's will that you perish - it is God's will that you repent and be saved. Will you not bow your head just now, sinner friend, and ask the Lord Jesus to save you? He will. Read Romans 10:9-10, and then read Romans 10:13. Turn to Ephesians and read chapter 2, verse 8, then read John's Gospel 1:12-13. Read John 3:18, and Acts 16:31. Then look up and say, "Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Christ, the Saviour of sinners. I here and now receive you as my Saviour. Come into my heart and save me." And He will!

Christians, get this message into the hands of the unsaved. Pass it on to some unsaved person. I close this message with a sincere prayer that God will honor His Word to the saving of many poor sinners. Amen!

If you are not 100% sure that you would go to heaven when you die, please go to this page now!