(Music Article # 3)

Please note that the people that wrote these songs are NOT praising the Lord or thinking pure clean thoughts.

(They cannot get away from the Bible even though they hate it)

666: The Number Of The BeastIn Conspiracy With Satan
Nativity in BlackTribute to Judas Priest
Hell Rules: Tribute to Black SabbathYe Olde Devil Musick
When Satan Lives [explicit lyrics]Demonic
Conquerors of Armageddonill-Natured Spiritual Invasion
All Little DevilsLunatic Of God's Creation
Serpents of the LightClose to a World Below
Mortal Throne of Nazarene Fields of Disbelief
Once Upon the Cross [explicit lyrics]Crucifixation
God hates us all [explicit lyrics]And Then You'll Beg
Silent Night, Bloody NightLord of the Dead
Behead The ProphetHoly Deception
In Hell I Burn Born In Sodom
Christ Consumed Angel Of Death
Altar Of SacrificeOnce Upon The Cross
Christ DeniedWhen Satan Rules His World
Kill The ChristianSatan Is Alive
Cursed Scrolls Day Of Darkness
Root Of All EvilSoul Devourer
Messiah's AbominationThe Antichrist
Behind The Crooked CrossCovered With Sores
Demon SeedWelcome To Hell
Repent To DieBorn Dead
Everybody Dies [explicit lyrics]Cause of Death
Divine EmpireRedemption
Judgment DayJesus Wept
Wolf Among SheepJesus Saves (mockery)
Disgorge666 (Referring to Satan's rule)Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses)