(Music Article # 2)

The following is a list of popular worldly rock songs. The names of the songs will definitely give evidence of Satanism, witchcraft, sadism, masochism, and perversion. What kinds of music are you and your children listening to?

Foreshadowing Our DemiseCurse of the Demon
Extremely Brutal Death Under the Guillotine: [explicit lyrics]
Path of the WeakeningThe Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself
Amongst the Catacombs of NephrGateway to Hell: A Tribute to Slayer
Destined for DefilementSlave to the Power
Effigy of the Forgotten World of Pain
None So Vile [explicit lyrics]Hell Bent for Metal
Tomb of the Mutilated [explicit lyrics]In Cold Blood
Dead Shall Dead RemainInside the Torn Apart
Killing on Adrenaline Manifest of Hate
Chainsaw Dismemberment Return to Desolation
Exploiting DysfunctionIn Dark Purity
Best Music to Fight ToSlaughter of Innocence
Soul of a New MachineHatebreeder
Murder's ConceptBlack Seeds of Vengeance
Carnivorous ErectionMaximum Violence
Misanthropic and angryCowboys from Hell
Kill WhiteyKiller death metal
In Cold BloodHaunted
The most evil musicVoracious Contempt
Deicide (extremely blasphemous)Reign in blood [explicit lyrics]
Need to Control Seasons in the abyss [explicit lyrics]
And Then You'll BegRiver Runs Red
BrutalizedStill Suffering
SlaughteredSell Out
BarbarianGateways to Annihilation
TormentedButchered at Birth
Lurid ImpurityOrgan HarvestSkull Full of MaggotsDestroy The Opposition
Frozen In A Voiceless ScreamEpidemic Of Hate
Litany Of MurderJustifiable Homicide
Necro-********Kill Your Mother/Rape You
Hate MachineAbsolute Defiance
Mortal Throne of NazareneIntentional Manslaughter
Piece By PieceWe Are Your Enemy
NecrophobicFornication Terrorists
Criminally InsaneSelf-Disembowelment
FleshstripperBehind The Light Thou Shall Rise
Drowned In Your BloodTo Be Dead
Mass MutilationConfessional Rape
Mauled Beyond RecognitionDomination Through Mutilation
Savage GorewhoreEscort Service Of The Dead
Black MagicObscene Body Slayings
Show No MercyFecal Freak
Die By The SwordHumilated In Your Own Blood
TormentorMeat Hook Sodomy
Relentless Pursuit Of Rotting FleshSwallow The Human Filth
Gutted Dismantle The Afterbirth
Living DissectionFuneral Genocide
Vomit The SoulRancid Head Of Splatter
Butchered At BirthHeadless She Died
Rancid AmputationBreath Like Rotten Meat
I Wanna KillHell Spawn
Clawhammer CastrationAbominations
Festering Embryonic VomitBloody Pile Of Human Waste
37 StabwoundsBeyond Good And Evil
Hatred InheritThe Pulsating Feast
HermaphroditeIsland Of The Dead
Kill YourselfFuneral Feast
Carnage In The Temple Of The DamnedPsychotic Rage
Requiems of Revulsion: Carcass TributeThey Are The Children Of The Underworld
The Genocide Machine [explicit lyrics]Grotesque Blessings [explicit lyrics]
Left To Die