Excuse me, Sir, but what are YOU doing here?
This is for ladies only!


This section is meant for women. In the studies and lessons that follow you will be given a glimpse into my life through personal illustrations and the testimony of my walk with my Lord. I am not a preacher. I am a pastor's wife. I am not a Bible scholar. I am a student of the Bible. I am not a public speaker. I am a servant of God.

All of the material contained in this section has been written since I have been here in Ukraine as both a pastor's wife and a missionary on a foreign field. It has all been written, with love, for the ladies, of all ages, in our churches, most of which came to us lost. I have seen a number of them come to trust Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and I thank God for the ones that I have personally led to the Lord. What a joy it has been for me to be able to teach them from God's Word and to watch them grow and mature in their walk with the Lord.

There is a great need for our women to receive special instruction in the Bible apart from what they receive in church under the pastor. Ukraine is a matriarchal society and it grieves me that the majority of women here have adopted western ways in their attitudes toward jobs and careers, childrearing, men and relationships, entertainment and dress. I have tried with God's help to show these women from the Bible what God requires of them as saved women and the women they can be for God.

I do hope that you enjoy what you read here. Please check back each month as another chapter will be added to the book, The Woman God Wants Me to Be. Also one or more women of the Bible will be added each month as work progresses on that book. Occasionally you will get yet another glimpse into life in the Ukraine via my Short Studies section. Messages of Encouragement are teaching messages that I do every other month during our ladies meetings. I alternate these with my Women of the Bible series.

Mrs. Susan E. Todd

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