With The Beams That Softly Faded
Fanny J. Crosby
George F. Bristow

With the beams that softly faded
In the warm and golden west,
O'er the waters of the Jordan,
Falls a calm, unbroken rest;
Starry eyes like gems of beauty,
Shining forth with silver light.
Cheer the lonely shepherds watching
O'er their fleecy flocks by night.

By the crystal streams that murmur
Thro the vales of Eden fair,
'Neath the tree whose vernal branches
Wave amid celestial air;
Stand a throng of wondering angels,
Shining ones in garments white,
Looking down with eyes expectant,
On the cloudless arch of night.

Lo, the sound of harps and voices
Wakes from sleep the dreaming Earth;
'Tis the angel host proclaiming
Christ the promised Saviour's birth;
Fear ye not, look up, ye shepherds,
In the sky serenely bright,
Yonder messengers of mercy
Come to bless the world tonight.


Holy night, silent night,
Crown'd with Heav'n's eternal light:
O the joy with bliss that hovers
Round that calm and lovely light.

(copyright 1884)

With The Beams That Softly Faded