Weary Wanderer, Stop and Listen
Grace J. Frances
Hubert P. Main

Weary wanderer, stop and listen,
Happy news we bring to thee;
Jesus has prepared a banquet;
Come, and welcome thou shalt be.

Are thy sins a heavy burden?
Come to God, confess them now;
He is willing to forgive thee;
Ask, receive; why waitest thou?

On the living arm of Jesus
Would'st thou lean, and trust Him now?
Let Him cleanse thee at the fountain;
Come at once, why waitest thou?

See the beautiful wedding garment;
In His hands He holds it now;
Haste, O haste thee to the banquet;
Enter in; why waitest thou?


Make no longer vain excuses,
Jesus calls, and calls thee now;
Come, for everything is ready;
Weary soul, why waitest thou?

(copyright 1880)

Weary Wanderer, Stop and Listen