The Song of Ages
Grace J. Frances
Hubert P. Main

There's a song that comes from the years long past,
And it tells a wondrous story
Of a calm, still night when a babe was born,
And the world was filled with glory.

There is joy, great joy, as the glad bells ring,
While the earth once more is waking;
What a pure, soft light on the orient sky,
From the fair young morn is breaking.

There are tones of love from the choir above,
Thro the gates of pearl descending;
There are songs of joy, and we hear them now,
With the children's chorus blending.

While today we hail our Redeemer King,
Let our hearts o'er-flow with pleasure;
Let the song roll on, and the glad bells chime
In a sweet and tuneful measure.


O shout, shout the song of ages gone,
Repeat the wondrous story;
Behold, to us a Saviour born,
The Lord of life and glory.

(© 1883)

The Song of Ages