Fanny Crosby fondly recalls memories of her dear friend Ira Sankey in her book, Memories of Eighty Years.

"I wish you to convey to all my friends," said Mr. Sankey, "the assurance of my love; and that I hope to meet them all by-and-by in the land where there is no more sorrow nor pain, and where God shall wipe away all tears from our eyes. Tell them that God is Love and that I have ordered those words to be cut on my tomb in Greenwood, that future generations may know the faith in which I died."

Dear Fanny, co-laborer in the blessed service of Sacred Song for so many years:

I wish that when you get to heaven (as you may before I will) that you will watch for me at the pearly gate at the eastern side of the city; and when I get there I'll take you by the hand and lead you along the golden street, up to the throne of God, and there we'll stand before the Lamb, and say to Him: And now we see Thee face to face, saved by Thy matchless, boundless grace, and we are satisfied.

Yours, till the day dawn and the shadows flee away,
Ira D. Sankey