Joy Fills My Heart
Fanny J. Crosby (1882)
W.H. Doane

Joy! Joy! Mercy has pardoned me; 
Joy! Joy! Mourning is past;
Great things Jesus has done for me, 
Peace I've found at last.

Faith clings, clings to the Crucified; 
There, there happy I rest;
Safe, safe under His might wings, 
How my soul is blest.

Come, come thou who art comfortless; 
Fly, fly home to the fold;
Haste, haste, Jesus is seeking thee 
On the mountain cold.

Great things Jesus has done for me, 
Great things thou canst receive;
O come, Jesus will pardon thee, 
Now on Him believe.


Joy! Joy! Now I can sing; 
Praise, praise sweetly shall ring;
Jesus my Saviour has cleansed me from sin, 
And joy fill my heart.