I Will !
El Nathan James McGranahan
(Suggested by the response of the young men in Limerick
to Mr. Moody's question, "Will you trust Christ?"
at the meetings in that city, October, 1883.)

Once more, my soul, thy Saviour, thro' the Word,
Is offered full and free;
And now, O Lord, I must, I must decide;
Shall I accept of Thee?

By grace I will Thy mercy now receive,
Thy love my heart hath won;
On Thee, O Christ, I will, I will believe,
And trust in Thee alone!

Thou knowest, Lord, how very weak I am,
And how I fear to stray;
For strength to serve I look to Thee alone -
The Strength Thou must supply!

And now, O Lord, give all with us today
The grace to join our song;
And from the heart to gladly with us say:
"I WILL to Christ belong!"

To all who came, when Thou wast here below,
And said, "O Lord, wilt Thou?"
To them "I will!" was ever Thy reply;
We rest upon it now.


I will! I will! I will, God helping me,
I will, I will be Thine!
Thy precious blood was shed to purchase me -
I will be wholly Thine!

Copyright, 1883, by James McGranahan