God of Eternity
Fanny J. Crosby
Rev. Robert Lowry

God of Eternity, Author of Time, 
Giver and Source of Life, Ruler sublime, -
Thou uncreated Lord, Ancient of Days, 
Glorious in holiness, Fearful in praise,-

Wondrous in Majesty, Wisdom and Might, 
Lo! 'twas Thy voice that said, "Let there be light;"
Vast realms and numberless, Lord, are Thy own; 
Nations and sceptered kings Bow at thy throne;

Thine is a perfect law; Thy word is pure; 
Righteous are all Thy ways; Thy judgments sure;
Mercy and Truth abide Ever with Thee; 
Love like a river flows, Deep as the sea;


High over all Thy works, Blest evermore, 
God of the Universe, Thee we adore.