They That Be Wise

F.J. Crosby         Ira D. Sankey

O list to the voice of the Prophet of old,
Proclaiming in language divine,
The wonderful, wonderful message of truth
That "they that be wise shall shine."

Tho' rugged the path where our duty may lead,
O! why should we ever repine?
When faithful and true, is the promise to all
That "they that be wise shall shine."

The grandeur of wealth, and the temples of fame,
Where beauty and splendor combine,
Will perish, forgotten and crumble to dust,
But "they that be wise shall shine."

Then let us go forth to the work yet to do,
With zeal that shall never decline,
Be strong in the Lord, and the promise believe
That "they that be wise shall shine."


They shall shine as bright as the stars,
In the firmament jeweled with light;
And they that turn many to righteousness
As the stars forever bright.

Copyright, 1887, by Ira D. Sankey