I Will Bless the Lord

F.J. Crosby         Ira D. Sankey

I will bless the Lord and praise Him evermore,
In His name my trust shall be;
I will sing His praise and triumph in His grace,
For His righteousness avails for me.

I will bless the Lord, whose tender, loving care
Has been with me all my days;
He has filled my life with blessings ever new,
And merciful are all His ways.

I will bless the Lord, my Shelter and Defence,
I will trust, and fear no ill;
Tho' I walk alone the valley and the shade,
His rod and staff shall comfort still.


With His own right hand He leadeth me,
And the way grows bright as I go;
For with Him I walk by rivers of delight,
Where the living waters gently flow.

Copyright, 1896, by The Biglow & Main Co.