Frances Ridley Havergal

In the year 1851, as a young girl, Miss Frances Ridley Havergal, trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ. In her own words she writes, "I committed my soul to the Saviour, and earth and heaven seemed brighter from that moment."

A testimony to this lovely lady is written thus; "Simply and sweetly she sang the love of God, and His Way of Salvation. To this end, and for this object, her whole life and all her powers were consecrated."

The hymn, "I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus," was the author's favorite, and wad found in her pocket Bible after her death.

I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus,
Trust only, Thee,
Trusting Thee for full salvation
Great and free.

I am trusting Thee for pardon:
At Thy feet I bow,
For They grace and tender mercy
Trusting now.

I am trusting Thee to guide me,
Thou alone shalt lead,
Every day and hour supplying
All my need.

I am trusting Thee for power:
Thine can never fail
Words which Thou Thyself shalt give me
Must prevail.

I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus:
Never let me fall:
I am trusting Thee for ever,
And for all.