Behold the Lovely Spring-Time!
Fanny J. Crosby
Hubert P. Main

Behold the lovely spring-time! We hail its rosy hours,
We welcome back the sunshine And cool, refreshing show'rs;
There's beauty all around us, And music everywhere;
O praise our great Creator, Who makes the earth so fair.

Our youth is like the spring-time, Our hearts are like its flowers;
Our smiles, like playful sunbeams That cheer its passing hours:
And may our deeds of kindness, As one by one they fall,
Be like the gentle rain drops Our Father sends to all.

Each tender bud and blossom, From out its dewy leaves,
Gives back to God who made it The sweet perfume it breathes:
Then let us give to Jesus, Our youthful hearts to day,
And in life's happy spring-time, Begin the heavenly way.


Come, children, join the chorus, Ring out in joyful strain
A song of love to God above; The Spring has come again.

(© 1876)