The Heart That Was Broken For Me

J. W. Van De Venter


There came from the skies in the days long ago
The Lord with a message of love
The world knew Him not; He was treated with scorn,
This wonderful gift from above.

He came to His own, to the ones that He loved;
The sheep that had wandered astray;
They heard not His voice, but the friend of mankind
Was hated and driven away.

The birds have their nests, and the foxes have holes;
But He had no place for His head;
A pallet of stone on the cold mountainside
Was all that He had for His bed.


CHORUS (verses 1-3)

They crowned Him with thorns, He was beaten with stripes;
He was smitten and nailed to the tree,
But the pain in His heart was the hardest to bear,
The heart that was broken for me.

I cannot reject such a Saviour as He;
Dishonor and wound Him again;
I'll go to His feet and repent of my sin,
Be willing to suffer the pain.


CHORUS (verse 4)

I'll take up my cross, I will walk by His side,
For the pathway of duty I see,
I will follow my Lord and abide in His heart,
The heart that was broken for me.


Copyright, 1914, by j.w. van de venter, homer a. rodeheaver, owner.

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