Over The Way


Over the way some soul needs you, Waits for a touch that is kind and true;
Close to your door there is illness and strife: Go in God's name with the water of life.
Over the way deep shadows fall; Answer the piteous, plaintive call;
Strengthen the soul, meeting troubles supreme: Tell of the Christ who is strong to redeem.

Over the way some soul needs song, Fighting the battle of right and wrong;
Go to the weary with heartening aid: Carry the gospel of faith, unafraid.
When it is time for God's "Well done," You will be glad for the souls you've won;
Often a moment, just over the way, Changes unspeakable darkness to day.



Go over the way to some soul today, Go, carry the message without delay;
Go over the way where the skies are gray, And tell of the Saviour's love.


Copyright, 1926, by Homer A. Rodeheaver.

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