A Cry From Macedonia
Fanny J. Crosby (1864)
Wm. B. Bradbury

There's a cry from Macedonia - Come and help us;
The light of the gospel bring, O come!
Let us hear the joyful tidings of salvation,
We thirst for the living spring.
O ye heralds of the cross be up and doing,
Remember the great command, Away!
Go ye forth and preach the word to every creature,
Proclaim it in every land.

O how beautiful their feet upon the mountains,
The tidings of peace from God who being,
To the nations of the earth who sit in darkness,
And tell them of Zion's king;
Then ye heralds of the cross be up and doing,
Go work in your Master's field, Away!
Sound the trumpet, sound the trumpet of salvation,
The Lord is your strength and shield.


They shall gather from the East, They shall gather from the West,
With the patriarchs of old,
And the ransom'd shall return To the kingdoms of the blest,
With their harps and crowns of gold.
Let the distant Isles be glad, Let them hail the Saviour's birth,
And the news of pardon free,
Till the knowledge of the truth, Shall extend to all the earth,
As the waters o'er the sea.