(For Taking Control Of Your Life)

  1. Your parents are told by the friends, relatives, teachers and parenting books that you, as a teen, are going to rebel. Prove them wrong.
  2. Loser friends who cannot think straight and plan on being a millionaire by living with Mom and Dad are going to try to make you to be just like them. Make your own rules that help and not hinder your life.
  3. Learn to do two things right away:
    1. Respond to questions and comments with Yes, Sir/Ma'am.
    2. Learn CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) because the first few times you do this your Parents will probably faint and need reviving.
  4. Take control of your life. You are a teen and not a child. As a teen, you know you are going to have to make a living someday. You may even have a job now. Flipping hamburgers is nice as a teen but you know you will need an education to make big bucks. So change your school and homework habits. School is not just for meeting members of the other gender. School can help make you into someone a person would want to hire. Just think how shocked your parents will be when you say, "I did my best to earn these grades".
  5. Make up your own mind about spiritual things. Your teachers may be trying to convert you to their way of thinking. You are old enough to make up your own mind. Develop a spiritual life of your own. Read the Bible on your own. Just think how pale your dad's face will be when he walks into your room and sees you reading the Bible. Get out the CPR.
  6. Recognize lies when you see them. Sex is best within marriage. Hollywood, your teachers, your friends (especially the guy trying to have sex with you) will tell you sex is normal and good for anyone. Not true. Sex is more special than that. How would you feel if the person you loved said, "I want to spend the rest of my life with only you and I have saved this special part of me for only you"?
  7. Set your own standards of conduct. Booze, drugs and illegal activities should be omitted from your personal lifestyle.
  8. Remember a little crime can mean you will never vote, run for office or own a gun. You will be banned from many high dollar jobs. Your folks will be shocked at your behavior.
  9. Check out your image. If you are female, are you dressing like someone who charges for sex? If you are male, are you dressing like a drug using boy who thinks with lower body parts? Your parents will spend themselves into oblivion buying you new clothes if they are modest and nice looking.
  10. Start your financial empire. Save money. This will give you a feeling of independence that will shock your parents.