To Whom Will You Go?

You shall have no other gods before Me
You shall love Me and not ignore Me
To love God and your neighbor with all your soul
For this is the Law, not in part, but in whole

You shall not make an image of gold or of wood
For this is to worship, not as you should
To make an idol with hands or with mind
Is nothing but sin, when the true God you can find

You shall not use God's name in vain
You count it so lightly, must I explain
Do I need to show you chapter and verse
To know it's wrong to use His name as a curse

Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy
The one Day in seven, to worship Him solely
One in seven the Day of your rest
One Day in seven to give Him your best

Honor your father and mother, God's promise is good
Respect and esteem them as you know you should
That your days on this earth all may be long
That your body and soul may also be strong

When the law of the land says not to kill
God's Law goes deeper, further still
To hide in the heart bitterness and hate
'Tis murder to God and will close Heaven's gate

In these days of sin and so little care
When adultery is disguised as just an "affair"
But know this 0 man, God sees your lust
If you want to live, then repent you must

We use soft words like "pinch" and "perks"
Man steals from him, for whom he works
What the boss doesn't see, he'll never know
But your sin against God continues to grow

How true, "the tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive"
White lies and fibs make man a liar
Whose end is destruction in Hell's Lake of Fire

The Tenth Command forbids man's greed
That insatiable lust he continues to feed
The monster called "want" destroys its prey
Consuming wife and children and all in its way

You've broken the Law and sinned against God
The path of rebellion your feet they have trod
O what can you do, to whom will you turn
You've angered your God, made His fury to burn

Are your eyes so dull and your ears, don't they hear
The Christ on the cross, all your sins He did bear
If you will not turn, that wrath is still due
Mercy despised will mean Justice for you

O blind, blind sinner when will you awake
Turn from your sin and Hell's Fiery Lake
Call upon Jesus who died for your sin
For He's Heaven's Door, the only way in

by Ray Comfort