An instance proving that God does change things in answer to prayer follows. It was taken from a circular letter of the Inland-South-America Missionary Union, dated, December 1, 1940.

In a recent Missionary Conference, the Rev. J. Sidlow Baxter told an arresting story of answered prayer on the mission field:

A missionary, and his wife, in charge of some ten stations, felt constrained to write to their Secretary in the Homeland confessing that there seemed to be no progress whatever in their stations. Because of indifference, opposition and ignorance they had made no headway. The position seemed hopeless to human eyes.

The missionaries suggested to the Secretary that he try to find ten people who would each make one of these stations his or her prayer object, and pray unceasingly for the work of the Lord in it. Time passed and things began to happen in seven of the stations. Revival broke out. The Gospel was gladly received by the people and great numbers were brought into the Church. But in the other three stations there was no change.

Again the missionaries wrote to the Secretary describing what had happened in seven of the stations and expressing their anxiety concerning the other three. They asked him if he could suggest any explanation. It was not difficult for the Secretary to make clear the seeming mystery. He had succeeded in getting several people to pray for seven of the ten stations; and in the seven stations for which these seven people had been so faithfully praying God had graciously answered in revival blessing.

How about you dear friend? Are you faithfully praying for missions and missionaries? If not, why not start today!

Pray one for another:
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
(James 5:16)