C. I. SCOFIELD, the editor of the Scofield Bible, and a man of superior ability as a lawyer in his own community, became "a little child" in simplicity of faith in God, and the acceptance of His Son, JESUS CHRIST, as his Saviour and Lord.

He had described himself, before his conversion, as "a drunkard, a wretch, a ruined and hopeless man who despite all his struggles, was fast bound in chains of his own forging." This is the man who accepted CHRIST, and whom CHRIST cured and set free. This is the man who became one of God's most honored servants for the worldwide propagation of His living and life-giving Word. The story is invaluable as a witness to the power of CHRIST to "cure." Here it is:

In his St. Louis law office, one day, M'Pheeters, a Christian friend of his own age, came to see him. After talking for a while, M'Pheeters got up to go. With his hand upon the doorknob, he turned and faced Scofield, saying, "For a long time I have been wanting to ask you a question but have been afraid. But now I am going to ask it."

"I never thought of you as being afraid," said Scofield, in hearty friendship. "What is your question?"

"I want to ask you why you are not a Christian?" came the unexpected reply.

The lawyer replied thoughtfully: "Does not the Bible say something about drunkards having no place in heaven? I am a hard drinker, M'Pheeters."

"You haven't answered my question, Scofield," the other man replied, "why are you not a Christian?"

"I have always been a nominal Episcopalian, you know," said Scofield, "but I do not recall ever having been shown just how to be a Christian. I do not know how."

Now, M'Pheeters had his answer. He drew up a chair, took a Testament out of his pocket, and read passage after passage from the precious Good News, plainly telling his friend how to be saved. "Will you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour?" he asked.

"I'm going to think about it," said Scofield.

"No, you're not," answered M'Pheeters, "you've been thinking about it all your life. Will you settle it now? Will you believe in Christ now, and be saved?"

The logical minded, clear thinking lawyer liked clear-cut statements and unequivocal questions and answers. After a moment's thought he looked his friend full in the face, and said quietly, "I will."

The two men dropped down on their knees together. Scofield told the Lord Jesus Christ that he believed on Him as his personal Saviour. On the authority of the Word of God, before he arose from his knees he had been born again. He was a new creation; old things had passed away, behold, all things had become new. Thomas S. M'Pheeters had been used of God to lead C. I. Scofield to Christ.

To emphasize the power of Christ to cure, and to set the captive of sin free from the fetters that enthrall, we transcribe the following extract from a letter written by C. I. Scofield himself to his friend and biographer, C. G. Trumbull:

"Great opportunities had indeed been given me, and for years I made them my own. But, slowly, insidiously, the all but universal habit of drink, in the society and among the men of my time, overmastered me. I was not a victor in the battle of life, but a ruined and hopeless man who, despite all my struggles, was fast bound in chains of my own forging. I had no thought of Christ, other than a vague respect; the survival of a family influence. There was no hope that in a church, sometime, I might hear and believe the Gospel, for I never went to church."

"And then Jesus Christ took up the case. Men were beginning to turn away from me, but the Lord of Glory sought me. Through Thomas M'Pheeters, a joyous hopeful soul, Jesus Christ offered Himself to me - that wreck."

"It was a Bible conversion. From a worn pocket Testament M'Pheeters read to me the great Gospel passages, the great deliverance passages - John 3:16; 6:47; 10:28; Acts 13:38-39 - and the like. And, when I asked, like the Philippian jailer of old, 'What must I do to be saved?' he just read them again, and we knelt and I received Jesus Christ as my Saviour. And - Oh; Trumbull, put it into the story, put it big and plain - instantly the chains were broken, never to be forged again - the passion for drink was taken away. Put it 'INSTANTLY,' dear Trumbull. Make it plain. Don't say: 'He strove with his drink-sin and came off a victor.' I did nothing of the kind. Divine power did it, wholly of grace. To CHRIST be all the glory."

Yours in His love,
C. I. Scofield

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life."

(John 6:47)