Mom, Sis and Me

Most homes like mine have four
But ours has only three.
Since dad went away
There's just Mom, Sis and me.

Sometimes it gets so lonely
Since dad went away.
I hope it won't be long
That he will have to stay.

You see dad's sick from drinking
This I don't understand.
Once he was like others
A handsome fine young man.

Mom tells us to pray a lot
That dad will be alright.
I wonder if she believes this
For I hear her cry at night.

But no matter what dad's done
He's the only dad for me.
And I pray he'll change his life
For Mom, Sis and me.

I pray there's no other homes
Where there is only three.
And no one is lonely
Like Mom, Sis and me.

God bless you, Barbara