Meat for the Master

God used ravens to feed Elijah in Old Testament times but recently He used a lion to provide a table in the wilderness for a conference of African Christians.

SETEFANO ATANDI is one of the old faithful and he has, during the past 16 or more years been a faithful witness. Recently he told us how they had scheduled a conference in his district church. This meant many hungry mouths to feed for 3 or 4 days, and the granaries were empty. They scraped up what cash they could and were able to buy millet for the staple food. Yet there was no meat. To buy meat for such a group was beyond their means. What to do!

They did what any faithful follower would do in such circumstances, they prayed. The conference was a week in the future and he and his wife and children went to their midweek prayer meeting with burdened hearts. Could God provide? Could He bless another "lad's 5 loaves and 2 small fishes?" They wanted to make it a matter of prayer, but alas, no one else came to prayer meeting. So poor old Setefano and his wife and his six skinny children prayed rather dejectedly. Not only at the prayer meeting, but also throughout the intervening week.

The night before the opening dates of the conference was upon them. Still no meat! He had thought of selling his bike and some others of his few precious belongings, but somehow, they continued to have faith in the Lord. Seven o'clock in the evening they sat outside their hut in the growing darkness. God still had time to work but how was it to be accomplished. They went into the hut, the whole family of them, and fell on their knees to pray.

No sooner had they started to pray when they heard a terrifying noise just outside their hut. Setefano recognized it immediately as the roar of a lion. Their next anxious moments of prayer were for their safety, rather than for meat. Several moments elapsed before he dared to peek outside the hut, and to his sanctified amazement he saw a huge water buck struggling its last, right outside their hut door.

What happened! A lion had stalked the buck, and attacked it right near their yard. He dragged it to their hut and was frightened by the sound of voices in the hut, so he left his precious prey there and scampered off for safety. Setefano built a large fire in the yard to scare away the lion from any further attempts to reclaim his prize, and then proceeded to butcher the buck. What a fine supply of meat, and what a remarkable way God used to meet their need.

Setefano and his family slept little that night as they talked about the affair. Again and again their voices burst forth in songs of praise to God for this miracle. His unbelieving neighbors heard the lion, and were there to see with their own eyes how God worked on their behalf. And fame of it was spread abroad from hut to hut. God's name was glorified. The ensuing conference was the best they had had in a long time. "How great a God we have! But how much greater is our God than our greatest need."

" But my God shall supply all your need
according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. "
(Philippians 4:19)