At the end of a tiring day's work, a hospital chaplain was leaving for home when he noticed an open door near the end of the corridor and a forlorn, miserable-looking patient lying in bed with only his head protruding from the covers. Feeling impelled to stop and minister to the unhappy person, he entered and tried to cheer up the patient and give him the Gospel.

After listening in silence for some time, the patient asked, “Can He do anything for me?” The kindly chaplain assured him, “Whosoever will may come, and if you will put your faith in HIM, you will find Him a very wonderful Saviour.”

After a few minutes conversation about Jesus, what He came to do and how wonderfully He has helped millions, the patient looked up and said, “OK, I will receive Him as my Saviour, confessing my sins to Him, Sir.” The chaplain had the joy of giving him the instructions he had given to many another new-born Christian. He wound up with an offer to give him a fine New Testament, which he opened up to pertinent verses and suggested he write his name in the back with the date of which he received Christ as his Saviour. Offering him a pen, the chaplain said, “Come on, sign it right here and it is yours.” “No Sir, just put it on the locker and I will see to it by and by.”

“Ah, friend,” he said again, “there is no time like the present, do it now.” “No Sir, if you will put it on the locker, I'll see to it eventually.” As the chaplain pressed him further, the lad said, “I Do take Him as my Saviour, Sir, but I can't sign the book, you see, I HAVEN'T ANY ARMS.” Shocked into silence, the chaplain apologized, “I'm sorry, I didn't know.”

“It's all right, Sir, I knew you did not know, but I HAVEN'T ANY LEGS EITHER. My bomber crashed and I lost both arms and legs. I have three kiddies at home and have been lying here wondering what there was left in life for me. I can't walk. I can't work. That's why I asked you if HE could do anything for me. But it's all right, Sir, I KNOW HE CAN now, for already I'm beginning to feel different about it all.”

The airman noticed a bundle of testaments the chaplain was carrying and asked what he planned to do with them. Learning they were to be gifts to those who would receive Christ as Saviour, the lad asked, “Won't you put them on the locker, Sir? Here is something I CAN DO for Christ. They all come in to see me, Sir. Please put them there and leave the rest to me.”

Next day the Lieutenant-Colonel Surgeon came in to see his patient and noticed that he seemed much better. “How are you?” he asked.

“Oh, I'm fine since the chaplain came to see me, Sir, and it is all because of that little Book, Sir. Please pick it up and find John 3:16 in it and read it to me.” The kind doctor located the passage and read: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” As the surgeon listened to the lad tell of the joy that flooded his soul as he turned over his life to Christ, his heart was deeply touched. He too took a Testament and signed it.

That limbless airman christened himself HUMPTY DUMPTY and when he heard someone in the corridor he'd sway slowly from side to side and call out: “Oh, come and see poor old Humpty Dumpty.” When they came in he gave them the whole story of Redeeming Grace.

Later the surgeon gave this testimony: “The difference in Jim is so wonderful that we are going to send him to another hospital to fit his stumps with artificial arms and legs. We are sure now, that he will walk again, and make good use of his artificial limbs.”

Jim was overwhelmed with joy at the news. “It's wonderful, it's wonderful, I shall be able to walk again and go all over telling people what God did for poor old Humpty Dumpty, and the government will have to pay the bill!”

“They'll give me a pension, I'll be an evangelist and the government will pay all the expenses.” Yes, it is wonderful, wonderful that the Grace of God should do this for a man whom in desperation said: “Can He do anything for me?”

Reader, do you know anything besides the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ that could do that for such a person? He can meet YOUR NEED TOO. Won't you trust Him right now for YOUR salvation?

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shalI be saved.”
Romans 10:13