The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church listened as Dr. Alexander Duff, veteran missionary to India, spoke. From a broken and worn-out heart he urged young men from the congregation to answer God's Call. In the midst of that impassioned appeal, he fainted and was carried off the platform. An attending physician bent over him and examined his patient. Duff, opening his eyes, cried: “Where am I? Where am I?” “Lie still,” said the doctor. “You have had a heart attack. Lie still.”

“But,” exclaimed Dr. Duff; “I haven't finished my appeal. Take me back. Take me back. I must finish my appeal.”

“Lie still,” said the doctor again. “You will go back at the peril of your life.”

In spite of the physician's protest, the old warrior struggled to his feet. With the doctor on one side and the moderator of the assembly on the other, he again mounted the steps of the pulpit platform! As he did so, the entire assembly rose to do honor to this valiant servant. Then, when they were seated, he continued his appeal with these words:

“When Queen Victoria calls volunteers for India, hundreds of young men respond, but, when King Jesus calls, no one goes.”

Then he paused. There was silence. Again he spoke:

“Is it true,” he asked, “that the fathers and mothers of Scotland have no more sons to give for India?”

Again he paused. Still there was silence.

“Very well,” he concluded, “then, aged though I am, I'll go back to India. I can lie down on the banks of the Ganges and I can die and thereby I can let the people of India know that there was one man in Scotland who loved them enough to give his life for them.”

Suddenly from all over the assembly young men sprang to their feet, crying, “I'll go! I'll go!”

Thousands of young men and women have been born in America to fine Christian families. They got saved at an early age and grew up in fundamental churches under sound Bible preaching. After graduating from high school, and Christian School at that, many testify, “I don't believe God has called me to full-time Christian service.” Then off they go into marriage, state colleges, and secular careers.

Somehow we have developed this ‘Road to Damascus’ mentality when it comes to God's call upon our lives. If He doesn't knock us to our knees with divine lightning, and thunder our name from heaven, well, we will just pursue the secular until God hits us between the eyes with the sacred call.

What's wrong with a Hannah point of view: “Lord give me a son and I'll give him back to you.” Why not respond like Samuel, “Here am I.” Why not pray, “Lord, here am I, ready, willing, and available.” Why not enlist, volunteer instead of being drafted? Direct your life, education, and energy into serving the King of Kings and then, if the Lord directs differently, fine. Certainly, we would be more sensitive to the Lord's leading while pursuing the sacred rather than pursuing the secular, believing God will ‘do His bright-light thing’ if He desires something different. After all, with your secular shades on you may not even see the light! Are you trying in the flesh to call men and women? No, nor was Dr. Alexander Duff. The real question is has God spoken to you? Have you heard His call? Could you honestly say, “Here am I, Lord”?

Hello, is that you, Lord? Maybe He is speaking to YOU!
—Ronnie L. Williamson

A one-legged school teacher from Scotland came to J. Hudson Taylor to offer himself to the mission field in China. “Why do you, with only one leg, think of going as a missionary?” asked Taylor. “I do not see those with two legs going, so I must,” replied George Scott. He was accepted.