"Keep good company or none."

A man was late to church. As he rushed in the people were coming out.
He asked "Oh, is it all over?"
Someone answered, "No it's just begun.
We're going out now to practice what has been preached!"

"The world can't be cleaned up with soft soap."

"Why can't life's problems hit us when we're eighteen
and know all the answers?"

"Worry gives small things big shadows."

"A man may take, but only that which God gives a man is really his.
The average churchgoer gives 3% of his income for church and charity."
Your Daily Walk

"When forgiveness denies that there is anger,
acts as though it never happened,
smiles as though it never hurt,
fakes as though it's all forgotten, don't offer it.
Don't trust it. Don't depend on it.
It's not forgiveness. It's a magical fantasy."

"In prosperity, our friends know us;
in adversity, we know our friends."

"Many times it would be better to leave people wondering
why you didn't talk than why you did."

"Nothing shows what we are more accurately
than the way we meet trials and difficulties."

"We must realize that erosion is not limited to soil along the banks of a river.
It can happen in a person's life as well.
Slow and silent as rust, erosion begins to eat away at the moral fiber within."

"Faith in God is not just belief that God exists,
but also willingness to be controlled by His principles."

"The character of your children tomorrow
depends on what you put into their hearts today."